Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a collection of our most frequency asked questions to help assist users in answering the more common questions we recieve. Our complete terms can be located here

Premium Membership

Is loveyourromance completely safe and secure?

loveyourromance’s top priority is to secure and protect the confidentiality of all personal information obtained upon becoming a member. We are committed to safeguard our Premium Members privacy in the course of our regular site functions. You have sole control over your account. Moreover, options to regulate, restrain and delete your account may be done anytime.

What will be shown on my billing statement?

Your credit card statement will be read one of these terms: "" or "Chubbs Media Limited"

How do I upgrade to a premium membership?

For membership upgrades, one must simply log in as a free profile. Once logged in, you simply click on the “Upgrade Now” button found at the left navigation column menu. This will redirect you to a new page to select your choice of membership upgrade.

How much does it does for a premium membership?

We have a number of different billing options and flexible payment providers. The plans offered are a 3-day trial, 1-month plan and 6-month plan, with the 6-month plan offering a significant discount to the cost of membership.

I have a question regarding my bill?

For billing related questions, please contact our payment processor Verotel with the email address you signed up with loveyourromance with.

How can I cancel my membership?

Cancellation is very simple and straight forward using our Payment Processor's support page called   You may cancel your membership at anytime by visiting Verotel VTSUP.

Will my membership renew automatically?

For your convenience, the Billing Provider will automatically renew your membership when your initial subscription term expires unless you cancel prior to that date.

Profile and Photos

I want to edit my Profile information

As soon as you log in, all you have to do to edit your profile is just click on your registered username located on either the upper left navigation column or at the topmost right corner of your window. Both will give you the option to click on “Edit Profile Information” and be redirected to your “My Account” page. You can also just click on the “My Profile” tab on the left navigation column.

I want to change my password

You can change your password by going through the “Edit Profile”, then just click on “Update Password” which is an option below the “My Account” overview page.

I want to delete my profile?

At the “My Account” overview page, click on “Account Settings” then simply click on “Terminate Account” which is highlighted in red.

I want to upload photos?

To upload photos to your Snapfuck account, click on your Username at the left navigation column. You will then be redirected to a new page with the “Add A Photo” button.

Can I upload photos directly from my iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Yes you can but ensure that your device is running on iOS 6 for you to fully benefit from your mobile experience with us.

Contact and Messaging

How come my friends aren't showing up?

All members have complete control on each of their individual account and they may have opted to restrict members from viewing their profile. If such action is done, they will not show up on your Friends List, as well as on your Online Friend’s List even if they are active members.

I want to add a member as a friend

All you have to do is just click on “Add Friend” on that members’ profile.  You can also receive, accept and decline friend requests from other members on the “Friends” section of your profile.

I want to remove someone from my friends list

To remove a member from your Friends List, click on “Friends” at the left navigation column of your profile then just hit the “Remove” button.

Why can't I open my messages?

Premium Membership is required for a member to start sending and reading messages. Just click on the “Upgrade Now” button found on your homepage. Full Members comes with a lot more rewards and benefits.

I want to share my information with other members

We do not encourage members to post and exchange personal information publicly on the site for this may pose as a security risk. Snapfuck is a social networking site and such actions can make you a target for phishing scams resulting in fraud committed against you. Please practice caution before disclosing any private, personal and identifiable information.


Will any other members see my Personal Information?

You have control over your account. We do not share your Contact Information with other members.

How can I tell if someone is fake or using fake pictures?

loveyourromance is an online adult dating site as well as a social networking website. We cannot guarantee the validity of the photos uploaded by other members. We expect members to be extremely cautious as to who you share your information with.  If you suspect fraud or abusive behaviour by other members, please contact us along with their username for us to initiate an investigation. You also have the option to block or remove this questionable member from your profile.